Voices in my head

I 'm sitting here alone.
Hello it's me again.
I'm so tired of feeling like a thousand men.
Well it's the old problem it's still in my head.
I wasted my time and it was all that I had.

I'm longing for the future.
I'm longing for yesterday.
I'm so sick and tired I cannot even seize the day.
Am I a fool or am I a dreamer?
The things I'm looking for can't be hidden that good.

I want to meet my friends
and I want to be alone.
I'm so fucking happy but I'm starting to moan.
I got words in my mind
but I don't know what to say.
These voices in my head please take them away.

I'm standing on a mountain looking down.
Want to go - want to stay
want to be silent - want to say
what's in my head but I can't
Nobody can read my mind and I'm too exhausted to explain.

- Zöller / Funke / Steenken -